Let Our Light Shine will be the benchmark for locating pertinent information essential to the disabled or handicapped and their families.  This new Portal will be the link to agencies, companies and charities offering assistance to those handicapped individuals who refuse to allow their physical limitations define them.  This Portal will include:

The portal will include:

  • Complete, up-to-date listing of all charities helping handicapped individuals
  • Complete, up-to-date listing of all government agencies helping the handicapped
  • Complete, up-to-date listing of resources for handicapped individuals
  • Advertising dedicated to handicapped individuals including improving the quality of life and whatever is needed to work from home
  • Complete, up-to-date listing of educational opportunities for handicapped individuals (all levels from infant through doctorate degree)
  • Advocacy for the availability of complete online, state directed educational opportunities from pre-K3 through high school (the homeless would also benefit)
  • Educational courses designed to teach the handicapped how to be productive as students, employees, and business owners
  • Educational courses designed to teach brick-and-mortar, traditional businesses, how they can profit by taking advantage of online employees (how to manage, etc.)
  • Complete employment services, unlike anything available today, dedicated to hiring the handicapped and those working from home
  • Information about the tax and other benefits associated with hiring the handicapped and IRS contact information
  • Complete, up-to-date listing of online companies that hire individuals for direct work (not other employment agencies, although they may be evaluated)

Handicaps would cease to be an impediment because, in the online environment, no one would ever know an individual was handicapped. This is why it makes it important for employers to learn to appreciate the worth of an employee by looking at the quality of work as opposed to the physical presence of an employee.  Hiring the disabled and handicapped is a priority.  Handicapped veterans will be given preference.

Our commitment includes an intense program to enlighten employers of the virtual army of educated, intelligent people eager to join the workforce.  When society no longer views physical handicaps as an impediment to gainful and productive employment, online capabilities will become a valuable alternative to large and expensive office space.  Finally, employment will be offered to the most qualified applicants, and employees will be judged by the quality of their work not their degree of disability.