The Founder

Hello. I am Randee Head. When I was 39 I faced a bitter truth; I had Multiple Sclerosis. Now, 20 years later, I can tell you that MS has not been my only challenge. Searching for a job, even with a good education and skills, has made me realize that we who are “different” are unwelcome in the world of the employed. After years of frustration, I am determined to change that by establishing a charity that will hire the handicapped to help the handicapped find services, training, education and employment.

My Story

My formal education includes a Bachelor’s in Theater (1975), Master’s in Theater (1976), Master’s in Reading (1978), Bachelor’s in Computer Science (1986), Bachelor’s in Information Technology (2010), numerous technical school certificates, and I am also a certified teacher in Florida and Georgia (16 areas). I am unemployed, not because I am unqualified, but because I am handicapped. Prospective employers ask me how I can do a good job considering the degree of my physical limitation. My response, “just try me” but, so far, I haven’t been given the chance.

If you aware of today’s improved technology, you realize that a change in business practice will be the way of the future. There are companies that specialize in securing off-site employees. Companies have offices all over the world that communicate with each other securely. There is no reason why people working at home can’t do the same. Off-site employees, easily monitored from a central system, will reduce the need for large office spaces. That can be beneficial to employers and employees.

Even with today’s technology, many people are reluctant to trust employees unless they are able to physically monitor them. Just because you can see someone working doesn’t mean anything is getting done. While anyone is capable of working online, handicapped people are particularly motivated to succeed in this challenging environment. It will be the responsibility of Let Our Light Shine to inform employers about the untapped source of educated, talented workers waiting for the opportunity to find rewarding employment and make a contribution.

Thank you for being part of this project.

Randee Head
Founder and Director