The Launch Team


Social Media – Dawn

Tinnitus may have compromised her hearing, but that hasn’t slowed her down – just changed her path.  Dawn is a whiz at whatever she does.  She never lets anything keep her down.  If there’s a way to do something, she’ll keep plugging away until she figures it out.  She “gets” social media and will be responsible for making sure everyone who would benefit from the information and services provided by Let Our Light Shine knows about it.  She has many goals of her own and, I imagine, will move on to bigger and better things in the future.  While with Let Our Light Shine, she will recruit others to carry on her work.

Research – Joseph

There’s nothing this man can’t accomplish.  Hit by an illness that stopped him from continuing work as a printer, he is in his junior year in college learning a new set of skills as a Business major.  His fellow students aren’t always fond of him because he continually sets the curve.  He will start with research but, as the site progresses, he will be responsible for recruiting and training others to do the work as the manager of the Research Department which will be extensive.  I am sure he will not be with us too long because, once he graduates, I am sure he will be in great demand.

Web Developer – Emanuel

Talk about having an attitude!  If he doesn’t know it, he’ll learn, and there’s nothing he isn’t willing to learn.  He is giving Let Our Light Shine the chance to get it together by creating the website.  His goal is to grow his own company and, eventually, hire some of the people he trains for us.  That’s what Let Our Light Shine is all about – training people, so they can move on to their own success.  Hit with a type of mental illness, the most misunderstood of handicaps, he is refusing to accept defeat.  He figures if he never quits, he has to win in the end, and he will.